At Ayawasqa, our mission is to keep culture alive by creating high-quality accessories that feature ethically sourced handmade Andean textiles. Each purchase helps sustain employment with our partnering artisan villages located in Potosí, Tarija, El Alto and La Paz city. Your purchase also helps preserve and support the unique Andean handweaving and embroidery culture. At Ayawasqa, our items are so much more than just accessories! We believe in a celebration of culture while still advocating ethical trade and environmental sustainability. Ayawasqa is squarely centered in the history and the identity of the Andes and Andean cultural heritage at large.

We built our business on the motto “Good things last” and because of that we choose to focus on promoting quality products rather than competing strictly on price. Sustainability is an important aspect of our work, and not just environmentally but also socially, i.e. the impact on the artisans who work with us. Our social model is a primary factor when looking at the bottom line. In other words, Ayawasqa is committed to  providing our artisans with a job, continuing education, and guidance to succeed and hopefully help lead their communities out of poverty.